Bima Trejd (Bima Trade) is manufacturing trade company founded in 1992,

long years on the market with sustained quality and success.

We are manufacturing different types of wooden  molds, casting steel, aluminum, bronze, brass..  and their processing.

Also we manufacture water pumps and repairing them (for heavy vehicles).

Our quality is proof of long-term cooperation with foreign and the domestic large and small enterprises.

During our work we have successful cooperation with REK Oslomej, REK Bitola, Skopska pivara, Macedonian Railways, Bicim, Rudkop …

Address: Hristo Tatarchev  13   22   Skopje   Macedonia

Phone: + 389 2 2774 063   Faks: + + 389 2 2774 063   Mobile: + 389 70 220 941